100% pure Moringa oil from the
seeds of Moringa Oleifera


100% pure Moringa oil, cold pressed
Organic Certified: YES
Suitable as a care oil, massage oil,
Long lasting due to the high oxidation stability
Perfect ingredient for cosmetics


Moringa Huile stands for pure natural Moringa oil from sustainable production..


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Moringa premium quality oil from Africa at fair prices for you and for the producers. We visit the farmers or cooperatives regularly to ensure your quality standards.

About the Quality

The cultivation regions for our Moringa oil are in non-industrialized, non-agricultural extensively used areas. They are usually characterized by…read more


Available quantities

Our suppliers have large production capacities. Please contact us for exact information. The oil is produced on request in a short time and delivered quickly by our logistics partnert.

Product description

⦁ 100% pure Moringa oil, cold pressed
⦁ Organic Certified: YES
⦁ suitable as a care oil, massage oil,
ingredient for cosmetics
⦁  long lasting due to the high oxidation stability

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About Moringa

Moringa, native to parts of Africa and Asia, is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae. The name is derived from murungai, the… read more

100% pure Moringa oil from sustainable production

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Moringa Oil or Ben oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the tree Moringa oilefera. These seeds contain 38–40% edible oil, also called ben oil, because of the high concentration of behenic acid in the oil, Please Contact us for:
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Moringa is a naturally grown plant native to India, but is cultivated worldwide in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. It is known for its nutritional and medicinal properties that potentially can help combat the symptoms of cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases..

— CEO, Margaret & Sekou Sawadogo

Moringa Plantations in Africa