About Us

Moringa Huile is born out of love for natural products, and the will to contribute to sustainability. We – Margaret and SekouSawadogo are originally from Africa and have lived in Germany for many years.
In our host country we know the quality requirements for natural products and from our countries of origin.
We know many farmers who are looking to improve their incomes with a sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

  •  We aim to connect both sides perfectly.
  •  We work with smaller farms and cooperatives of farmers from West and East Africa
  •  Therefore, we can deliver larger quantities in consistent quality
  •  We visit our suppliers and secure product samples for you
  •  You can order these at Moringa Huile to convince yourself of our quality
  •  Your individual requirements are our incentive

Our Vision

    •  Our vision is to provide environmentally friendly and health-promoting ingredients for cosmetic products.
    •  With MoringaHuile we want to make an active contribution to the protection of the environment and nature as well as the conservation of natural resources for future generations.
    •  We also want to use a part of the profits of MoringaHuile for social development and environmental protection.
    •  In the cultivation, production, and packing of our products, attention is paid to a effective and sustainable production.
    •  We work continuously on improvements in production, logistics, and marketing and are guided by the wishes of end consumers and trading partners.

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Meet Our Team


Chief Executive Officer
Nature has blessed us with everything we need to look healthy and these things include moringa. The oil of Moringa is a special gift for our hair and skin…

Sekou Sawadogo

Chief Executive Officer
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Moringa is one of the world’s most useful plants, with about the highest nutritional contents of any plant that is known throughout the world.
It is a tree that grows fast, is drought-resistant and is native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India.
The tree is also grown in Africa where farmers plant it as a source of income.